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How Your Information Is Used On This Site.

If you (the writer) choose to write personal or identifying information on this site, for instance, if you write the author, Andi Kumer, MA, your contact information, and/or a message and contact information under the "Schedule A Session" page, your information will be sent to the author in an email to her.  Upon receiving this email, the author will not use this information in any other way but to contact you, the writer, if requested, or contact the appropriate parties (see limitations of confidentiality below), and the author does have the right not to contact you if she does not see it as appropriate, reasonable, necessary or safe for her to do so, or for any other reason the author does not see fit to contact you.  The author is not obligated to contact you within a certain timeframe from this platform. This site and the messaging catalyst (email) from this site are not always checked daily.


Should the author contact you back from this platform, or in any other way, this does not ever automatically place you under contract with her.  The author, Andi Kumer, would let you know verbally and under written contract if she was in a therapist/client relationship with you.  The author is obligated to keep any personal or identifying data confidential, with limitations, to confidentiality. Limitations to confidentiality are many, and include but are not limited to if the writer states they are self harming, suicidal or report they are going to harm another person, or if the writer states they are being abused and they are under 18 years of age, or are experiencing diabled/elder person's abuse.  


This site should never be used as a crisis or emergency service.  


The author will not put you on a mailing list, or sell your information to outside parties. does use analytics to gather information for its own purposes.  You need to research what does with your information before you place it on this website.  


How To Use This Site And How This Site Should Never Be Used.

This site is intended for recreational learning only, it does not replace a contracted mental health care provider, or any professional or specialist you may need for your care.   


You are not obligated to use this site.  You are not obligated to take any advice from this author, Andi Kumer.  It is not wise to write information to the author, Andi Kumer, regarding your Protected Health Information (PHI) on this platform.  This author prefers and requests you do not write personal information pertaining to your health/mental health on this platform, but rather leave discreet contact data on the "Schedule A Session" page.  Within the message, a simple, "Please contact me" can suffice.  If you would like the author to reach out to you (see above for when author of this page may or may not reach out to you if you leave contact information).  This author is not your mental health care provider (unless you are under documented contract with her, which the author would have on file).  This website is never intended to take the place of a mental health provider, or any care provider.  If you are experiencing a mental health disturbance or crisis, you need to find a local provider in your area.  If you are experiencing a life threatening emergency, you need to call 911.  Andi Kumer, the author, is not obligated to take care of your mental health needs or any other need you may be having, and is not obligated to manage your care in any way, nor is she your emergency contact.

Intake forms under the Intake Forms tab, are only to be completed and turned into the author, Andi Kumer, if and when she verbally or in written form states to you that you will need to complete them and turn them into her.  Simply completing them and turning them into the author will never obligate the author to be your provider.  

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